Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

Item Code: KE-301


We are offering our clients Fully Automatic Strapping Machine KE-301. These machines have compact design and are fitted with maintenance free & self-lubricating components that results in faster and effective functioning..




  • Aluminum Arch-all in one design. Easy to increase the width or the height, only add some parts to the original
  • The guide of the brush is a big help to strap the package at the proper position
  • Tension Adjustments: Max tension is over 90 kg, can be adjusted easily
  • Easy Loading or unloading: to load or unload the strapping roll is convenient as the dispenser is placed outside



Model : PW 0860C
Power Supply : Model
L200 x W200 x H30 mm   1250W
Arch Size (Standard)   W850 x H600mm
Strap Tension   Max. 90Kgs
Strap Width   9, 12, 15, 19 mm
Strapping Speed   2.4 sec/strap
Min. Package size   L200 x W200 x H30 mm



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